Educational portal of D. Serikbaev EKSTU is a unified informational and educational space for the university employees and students, and schoolchildren.

The Portal's goal is to ensure convenient, mobile, and efficient work for every user.

The Portal is available in three languages: Kazakh (the state language), Russian, and English.

The information is arranged to provide each user with only necessary information.

Students can monitor their academic progress, see their own schedule and schedule of the teachers, and to obtain the information from the student Personal Account.

Employees can see the academic calendar, schedule, curriculums, regulations, create a distance course, etc.

Schoolchildren can find the information on preparing for university entrance, and can also take on-line testing of UNT disciplines.

The system is constantly improved, send your feedback to:

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  • Уважаемые студенты! Стартап Академия ВКГТУ им. Д.Серикбаева подробнее

  • For all who wants to complete free internship in GERMANY! details

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  • For all who wants to complete free internship in GERMANY! details

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  • В ВКГТУ им. Д. Серикбаева состоится городская олимпиада по черчению для учащихся 9-11 классов подробнее

  • Уважаемые учащиеся 11 классов школ ВКО и выпускники колледжей экономического направления! подробнее

  • ВКГТУ имени Д. Серикбаева проводит олимпиаду по математике «ЖАС МАТЕМАТИК» для учащихся 9, 10, 11 классов сельских школ подробнее