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The «Foundation» Programme

Foundation - training program at the University for foreigners, the duration of one academic year (9 months).

Programs for foreign citizens:

• intensive course of preparation for the complex testing of foreign citizens, persons of Kazakh nationality, in the block of General subjects (History of Kazakhstan, math and language literacy) and specialized disciplines;

• to achieve academic language proficiency and language training of basic disciplines;

• intensive language training for 9 months, combining academic adaptation of foreign citizens to life, willing to study at EKSTU in Russian, Kazakh, English.

Classes start October 1.

For admission to the Foundation Programme You need to fill in a personal card of the applicant http://www.do.ektu.kz/Abiturient/Public/Main.aspx?Lang=3

We are waiting for You at the address: East Kazakhstan region, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, East Kazakhstan state technical University. D. Serikbaev, 19 Serikbayev St.,  G-1-209,

whatsapp whatsapp: +77774062255, +77071274373